Discover Your Genetic Weaknesses to COVID-19 with Sterling Hill

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Sterling Hill

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Sterling Hill

Over 10 years ago, Sterling Hill founded MTHFR Support after falling very ill and allopathic medicine failed. Since then, she has started building genetic apps that show where people may have the need for extra nutraceutical support. She has run over 70,000 reports, has built a database for the autism community that is over 33,000 lines long (and growing!), has also lectured at Autism One and has taught CMEs to MDs. Currently, she is studying the environmental impact of 5g and COVID-19 and has built the first genetic app of it's kind regarding COVID-19.

Sterling Hill has devoted her life to researching how environmental toxins impact DNA. She has been involved in a U.S. Congressional Hearing regarding the dangers of glyphosate, and she was recently awarded congratulations and commendation from the Louisiana Senate for defending the Constitutional rights for citizens to make their own fully informed medical decisions and her valorous defense of the health of America's children.