Family School... You Can Do This! with Maria Anderson Fahrner, M.Ed

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Maria Anderson Fahrner

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Maria Anderson Fahrner, M.Ed

Maria Anderson Fahrner is passionate about nurturing, mentoring and informing families about the most optimal choices for a joyful and healthy lifestyle. She has been an educator for over three decades and is a wife, mother and grandmother to wonderful, striving human beings. She holds a master’s degree in educational leadership from UC Santa Cruz and San Jose State University, a multiple-subject teaching credential from San Francisco State University and a bachelor’s degree in history from UC Santa Barbara. She has over thirty years of experience in early childhood and elementary education, including twenty-three years as the independent study founder and teacher of a homeschool program in Northern California. She has taken the foundation year of Waldorf Teacher Training, and holds a certificate of completion Spatial Dynamics, a five-year movement education course.
Maria Anderson Fahrner is a family wellness consultant with a private practice and offers workshops and events on parenting with intention. She is co-host of the podcast The Moms I Know with educator and nutritionist, Sheila Walsh Dunton, and is currently working on a parenting guidebook. She is a wellness advocate for essential oil use, alternative healthcare and optimal nutrition, offering support and education for people who are looking for alternatives for personal and family health goals.