Lifestyle Hacks to Keep You and Your Fur Babies Safe and Healthy with Marlene Siegel, DVM, CNHP

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Marlene Siegel

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Marlene Siegel, DVM, CNHP

Dr. Marlene Siegel graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and in 1987, she opened Pasco Veterinary Medical Center, a full-service medical, surgical, boarding and emergency care facility that offers an extensive array of alternative services. Dr. Siegel believes health care is about preventing dis-ease. Her focus is on identifying and resolving the root cause of dis-ease through treating the body’s biology, not the symptoms, and believes healing begins in the gut. Disappointed with the lack of quality pet foods, she created her own line of raw food, EvoLove Raw.

Dr. Siegel is a published author, international speaker and a columnist for multiple magazines. She has been interviewed on many radio shows and is a sought after speaker for webinars focused on integrated veterinary medicine. She is featured in Jefferey Smith’s documentary GMO’s in Pet Food Revealed, Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer--Pets and was a keynote speaker at the The Truth About Cancer Live 2017. 

Besides her passion and commitment to her fur patients and their caregiving owners, Dr. Siegel is passionate about her yarden (she grows much of her own food) and feels strongly that everyone should be growing some of their food!