How to Release Fear That Is Actually Collective Fear (Not Your Own) with David Router

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David Router

Australian native David Router is an internationally recognized functional consciousness trainer and energy instructor, the visionary author of Conversations Through My Soul of Presence and a HeartMath certified trainer. For more than thirty years, he has shared his exceptional gifts and insights in functional consciousness and subtle energy, and is considered a master energy instructor and healer by those who have experienced his work. He is the creator of Reflective Body Mechanics™, a series of functional consciousness exercises which enable a client to experience and assess the areas of consciousness that are active and productive and the parts that are detuned. Functional conciousness strengthens the ability to make choices based on deeper awareness and assessment of interactions and relationships, in both personal and professional life. 

David Router is able to see energy, which enables him to guide people to connect to their combined subconscious and unconscious to release embedded patterns of behavior restricting their ability to change life patterns. He is dedicated to helping others lead more self-fulfilled lives and to reconnect with the deepest core of their being through his exercises. Through individual and group sessions and workshops, he has helped countless others heal from the effects of psycho-emotional, spiritual and physical trauma and to regain the ability to lead their lives with inner peace and clarity.