Homesteading Tips for Everyone Practicing Social Distancing with Jill Winger

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Jill Winger

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Jill Winger

Jill Winger didn't grow up on a ranch, or a farm, or even on acreage, but she's always had an unexplainable craving for the rural way of life. She accidentally came across the modern day homesteading movement by way of a compost pile. Since then, she's embraced every part of her newfound lifestyle and is passionate about encouraging others to pursue a more simple way of life, even if they live in a less-than-ideal location. She is the owner and editor of the very popular Prairie Homestead blog where she shares her homesteading adventures (and failures) on a regular basis. ( She resides in Wyoming with her husband, two children, and a collection of farm animals that includes horses, cattle, a milk cow, dairy goats, chickens, dogs, geese, and pigs.