Top Tools You've Never Heard of to Boost Immunity with Rob Besner, PScD

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Rob Besner

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Rob Besner, PScD

As CEO of Therasage, Robert Besner has combined his past experiences in strategic planning, comprehensive financial expertise, manufacturing and management with a passion to bring natural healing and wellness to the forefront of public awareness. He has a BS from Boston University, where he studied psychology, biology, and business administration, and has followed with studies at Case Western University’s Graduate School of Biology/Anatomy.

In the early 2000s, Mr Besner's  active, healthy teenage daughter became seriously ill and was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. Concerned about the substantial antibiotic treatments suggested by her healthcare practitioners, Mr. Besner began to research and investigate alternative avenues of holistic treatment. This research brought him to the studies and successes of far infrared heat in helping the body naturally detoxify. Recognizing the extensive need for this technology, he founded Therasage to advance the applied science of infrared. He has since spent his time developing new and increasingly better products for the application of infrared and negative ion technology.