Maintaining Your Positivity During Social Distancing with Susan Leahy, MA, CSP

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Susan Leahy

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Susan Leahy, MA, CSP

Susan Leahy is a joyous creator, a certified speaking professional, a personal/relationship coach and a loving, powerful and committed woman. She is the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, a global training and consulting organization that supports clients to build a “Culture of TEAM” by re-motivating and empowering the individual to generate team. She understands that great teams run great meetings and is the woman behind America’s #1 Robert’s Rules of Order online training site, Robert’s Rules Made Simple, with training and online products that have been used by thousands of boards across the US and Canada to run more effective meetings.

Susan Leahy’s passion projects are her Happy Married Chicks podcast and her Confident Woman Program, advocating for women to own their joy, happiness and power in all of life’s situations. She is joyously creating her life as she lives full time in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, with her husband and their two children.