Keys to Staying Motivated and Productive with Tasha Smith

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Tasha Smith

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Tasha Smith

Tasha Smith, founder of Emerge Sales Training, is a business coach, speaker and author. With over 19 years of experience in sales and leadership, she has dedicated her life to helping others. Her powerful vision is that every person who needs to be able to sell to provide for their family will have access to high quality training that brings them the results they have been praying for. Her authentic, hilarious and honest style make her a powerhouse of a speaker with a deep connection to her audience, motivating and inspiring them to take action. She is here to help you create a successful business that you love, even if you have NO experience.

Over the past four years, she and her team have trained and coached over 8,000 network marketing clients to create thriving teams and businesses full of confidence, profit and joy. She is the author of Customer First: Create more Impact and Income With Your Network Marketing Business (Without Being High-Pressure or “Salesy”)